Camera Commando Team Celebrates the World Photography Day 2023

Aug 22, 2023 - 16:05
Camera Commando Team Celebrates the World Photography Day 2023
Camera Commando Team Celebrates the World Photography Day 2023


Jaipur | August 22nd, 2023 : World Photography Day 2023 marks another year of honoring the creativity and skill of photographers worldwide. Under the leadership of renowned photojournalist Mr. Purushottam Diwakar and Educationist Mrs. Leela Diwakar, Imagine Photojournalist Society celebrated the World Photography Day on Sunday, August 19, 2023. Imagine Photojournalist Society, in its unique initiative of training and forming the women photojournalists team ‘Camera Commando’, marked this day with thought-sharing sessions by two eminent Guest Speakers – Mr. Vishal Swami, Founder of Simply Gurgaon & Digital Social Media Expert and Mr. Nitin Jagad, Marketing Communication Expert.

Purushottam Diwakar, Sr. Photojournalist at India Today Group said, “Photo capturing is a combination of Science, Arts and Commerce. Every photographer must learn the science of lights; arts of emotions and commerce of market the images in an effective way. I have had many assignments where I had to choose not to communicate the negativity of the society by not disclosing some moment with the world simply by understanding my responsibility towards the society. And I am trying to inculcate that ethic of a photojournalism in ‘Camera Commando’ team also.”

Vishal Swami, Founder of Simply Gurgaon & Digital Social Media Expert said, “The photographer encapsulates not only emotions but also the continuum of generational changes that form the tapestry of human history. So, the photojournalist must capture the humanity of the moment. Your memory might fade away but pictures stay intact forever. Photographs not only remind you the past, but they also have the ability to embody a range of emotions and feelings.”

On this occasion, members of Camera Commando team shared their unique projects and images considering the theme. This meaningful event on the meaningful day was sparked with a significant debate on ‘AI Generated Images Vs Photography by Human’. 

Nitin Jagad, Marketing Communication Expert said, “In the dynamic interplay between AI-generated images and human photography, we witness a symphony of innovation and tradition, technology and emotion. While AI-generated images excel in creative exploration and efficiency, human photography remains unparalleled in capturing the authenticity of emotions, stories, and the essence of the human experience.”

Mrs. Leela Diwakar, the convener and mentor of the Camera Commando team, a true visionary in the field of education, extended her heartfelt gratitude to both the distinguished Guest Speakers and the captivated audience. 

Reflecting on the remarkable journey of the team, she eloquently expressed, "Through unwavering dedication, exhaustive training, and unrelenting perseverance, the team has transformed their imaginative prowess into a tangible reality. From traversing vast plains to scaling towering mountains, and even venturing into the heart of critical situations, they have ceaselessly captured moments that resonate with the essence of the human experience. In the face of challenges as diverse as the COVID-19 pandemic, historical war sites, intricate landscapes, political processions, and civil unrest, the Camera Commando team has stood resolute, contributing positively to our society and leaving a lasting impact."

As the echoes of World Photography Day 2023 resonate, Imagine Photojournalist Society reaffirms its commitment to fostering the marriage of creativity and technology while cherishing the distinct emotional depth that only human photographers can infuse into their work. The celebration serves as a reminder that while AI-generated images might dazzle with their innovation, the heart and soul of human photography continue to be irreplaceable. Through the unwavering dedication of the Camera Commando team, Imagine Photojournalist Society stands as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring photographers, exemplifying the power of capturing life's nuances one click at a time.